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Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Update [28.04.15]
29.04.2015 um 07:47 Uhr - Dj>

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Update [28.04.15]






• Fixed a few cases where reserve ammo was shared between multiple weapons. All weapons now individually handle their own reserve ammo.
• sv_autobuyammo now defaults to 0.
• If a player spawns with a smoke grenade in classic competitive, it counts toward their maximum smoke grenade purchases for that round (i.e., they cannot purchase a second smoke grenade).
• Fixed HE grenade particle system drawing improperly sometimes with other particle systems (like smokes volumes).


• Added 10 new community sticker offers, and a new community sticker capsule featuring work by Enfu.
• Added support for alternative voice communication codecs. While running a server, use +sv_voicecodec vaudio_celt to use the CELT voice codec, instead of the Speex codec which is used by default.
•Added support for Phong on world materials. See Train for examples of such materials.





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