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Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Update [26.02.15]
27.02.2015 um 14:31 Uhr - Dj>

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Update [26.02.15]






• Added the Katowice 2015 Pick’Em Challenge. Visit for details.
• Added Team and Event Stickers for Katowice 2015.
• Added ability to browse and download old Tournament Matches.
• Added ability to browse old Pick’Em Challenges.


• Fixed some audio-related crashes some users were experiencing.


• Added flavor text to Operation Vanguard Weapons and fixed other typos.
• Fixed a potential security issue where up to 32 bytes of gameserver memory could be unintentionally disclosed.
• Significantly increased client-side demo recording buffers.
• When attempting to stop recording POV demos in round-based game modes, the demo will stop recording at the nearest end of round.





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