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Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Update [08.01.15]
09.01.2015 um 05:55 Uhr - Dj>

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Update [08.01.15]





• Keys purchased from the Steam Community Market are given a seven-day trade and market restriction.


• Reduced P250 ammo from 5 magazines to 3.
• Reverted CZ nerf to ammo and fire rate.


• Added the Chroma Case, that features new finishes for knives.
• Added UI for showing multiple offers.



• Fixed a bug where players could clip through a wall near CT spawn
• Removed center scaffolding near hole to CT sniper position


• Extended buyzone for T spawn
• Further optimizations


• Fixed bullet penetration through arch models in tunnels
• Fixed collision for door top of mid
• Added Goose to Goose


• Updated radar
• Fixed fade distance on props
• Updated player clips in areas where bomb could be lost





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